Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Foot Village - 2009 - Anti-Magic

Foot Village is an LA-based quartet of skin-bashing weirdos, coming from a backdrop of bands such as Gang Wizard, Rainbow Blanket, and Drug the Corpse. They make a pummeling, boisterous, and percussive racket using nothing but their voices and drum kits, and with this stripped down method they create some of the most intriguing music to seep into my ears on in quite some time. And if you happen to be a percussionist like myself, Foot Village is a must hear, and their new full length, Anti-Magic, isn't a bad place to start.

I must say though, I think the band's cacophonous nature is better captured with a rawer production job as seen on earlier releases, most notably on the 2008 LP, Friendship Nation, and 2005 EP World Fantasy. But, nevertheless, Anti-Magic still shows Foot Village at the top of their game, and even shows their already on-the-dot tightness and proficiency in the field of drumming has improved since the first two full lengths. Plus, the final song "Chicken & Cheese 2 w/ Friends" shows sides of Foot Village that were never seen before, bringing in much more instrumentation and clever use of samples, and the rest I'll leave as a surprise.

If you're already familiar with Foot Village, you pretty much know what to expect with this album, but regardless, if you don't have this album already, download it now, and then buy it, along with the rest of their excellent discography.

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